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The Bezalel Library Collection

Readers can locate, review and borrow books dealing with the following subjects:

General Art
Philosophy and theory of the arts; Art criticism; Psychology of the arts (imagination, creativity, psychoanalysis, etc.); Art & society; Art & politics; Aesthetics; Elements of an artistic creation (composition, color, form, style); Madness in art; Graffiti; Street art; Kitsch; Comparative art; Women's art & feminism; Post-feminism & gender; Art encyclopedias & dictionaries; Topics in art (iconography, symbolism, eroticism, etc.); Art – instruction & education of children; Art with children; Collections of various museums from around the world; Collections & collectors; Museulogy; Prehistoric art; Tribal/primitive art; Medieval art; Byzantine art; Gothic art; Renaissance art; Art of the 15th-16th centuries; Romanesque art; Art of the 17th-19th centuries; Baroque art; Rococo art; Art and crafts; Art Nouveau; Impressionism; Japonism; Orientalism; Romanticism; Symbolism; Abstract art; Bauhaus; Constructivism; Cubism; Dada; Expressionism; Futurism; Naïve art; Performance art; Surrealism; Abstract – expressionism; Body art; Conceptual art; Minimalism; Hyper-realism; Neo-realism; Pop Art; Art & science; Installation art; Earth art & environmental art; Neo-classicism; Neo-expressionism; Post-modernism; Art of the ancient world; Art of ancient Egypt; Art of Mesopotamia; Art of ancient Rome; Art of ancient Greece; Art by geographic region; European art; Asian art; Islamic art; Contemporary African art; Art of the Americas – ancient & contemporary; Art of the Australian continent; Sound Art.
History of sculpture; Topics in sculpture (the human body, animals, etc.); Sculpture from ancient times through the 19th century; Sculpture in the 20th century; Sculpture in the 21st century; Sculpture by country, materials and techniques (plastic, wood, metal, etc.); Monumental sculpture; Environmental sculpture.
Topics in drawing (the human body, children, etc.); Anatomical drawing (humans and animals); Drawing history – the historic and geographic aspects; Drawing techniques and materials.

Jewish & Israeli Art
Jewish & Israeli Art
Israeli artist; Israeli art by period; Bezalel – historic & contemporary; Israeli art in the 20th century; Israeli art in the 21st century.
Jewish Art
Topics in Jewish artifacts (Mezuzah, Hanukkah candlesticks, etc.); Museums; Jewish art – historic breakdown, geographic breakdown, synagogues, cemeteries; Art – textiles, costumes & garments, mosaics, manuscripts.

Architecture, Town Planning & Urban Studies
Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

Geomorphology; Construction; Physical planning; Town planning.
Manuals/Handbooks, Laws & Regulations
Construction laws & regulations – The Standards Institution of Israel; Construction laws & regulations; Environmental laws & regulations; Civil and urban engineering; Physical planning; Planning standards & directives – general manuals/handbooks; Architecture – standard manuals/handbooks & directives for general planning and by building category; Presentation & visualization methods; Perspective in architecture.
Urbanization History
 Middle ages; Renaissance; 20th century; 21st century; Future; Urbanization in specific countries; Residential; Neighborhoods; City-neighborhood-inhabitant relations; Slums; The influence of the urban space on man; Urban administration and policy; Urban economy; City renewal, rehabilitation and revival; Forms of settlement (communes, villages, etc.); Historic geography – urban, regional, rural and human; Land functions and allocation.
Town & Regional Planning
Urban spaces: streets, squares, etc; Town planners; Town planning and other disciplines; Involving the inhabitants in the planning process; Town planning – history.
General Planning
Planning from prehistoric times to the classic period; Planning in the middle ages; Planning in the 15th–18th centuries; Planning in the 19th century; Planning in the 20th century; Planning in the 21st century; Future planning; Town planning by country and period; Planning of new towns and utopian towns; Planning of areas inside the city; Planning of city centers, multi-functional areas, shopping centers, industrial zones, residential neighborhoods, suburbs; Slums & crime-ridden areas; City renewal; Historic areas – conservation & restoration; Regional planning; Large-scale regional planning; Transportation planning.
Landscape – Landscape Design & Architecture
Landscape – theory & philosophy; Landscape – aesthetics, landscape designers, landscape architecture; Landscape architecture – physical planning; Gardens/parks by country; Gardens/parks by historic period; Parks and public gardens; Recreational sites – in parks; Private gardens – by country; Gardens in internal spaces; Art & sculpture in the open landscape; Trees – types and adaptation to the landscape; Water in landscape – pools, fountains, lakes, etc.; Stairs, benches, pavilions, paving, zoos in parks and gardens.
Manuals/handbooks & advisory books; Construction industry; DIY construction; Construction methods; Prefabricated construction; Construction economy; Calculation of quantities; Purchasing an apartment (buying real estate); Construction project management; Construction planning program (standards, specifications); Supervision & maintenance; Structural drawing; Architecture & construction models; Structural details, general (stairs, floors, windows, doors); Structural details, specific buildings (internal walls, external walls, balconies, partitions, movable walls, roofs, stairs, elevators, doors, windows; Construction materials, general (building blocks/bricks, lightweight materials, lightweight boards, plastic, waste, debris); Structural masonry (concrete, reinforced concrete); Construction with soil, mud, adobe, bricks, cement, sand for cement, glass, aluminum, lightweight metals; Insulation & caulking materials; Structural foundations; Structural framework; Finishing operations (plastering, painting, etc.); Connectors – techniques for connecting different materials.
Technical & Utility Systems
Technical/utility systems (heating, air-conditioning, lighting, electricity, sanitation, piping, etc.); Sanitary installations in the building and in the vicinity; Sanitary plumbing; Piping systems; Heating systems; Air-conditioning systems; Solar energy systems; Fire protection; Water & moisture protection; Lighting engineering; Acoustical engineering; Climate & architecture; Climate & construction.
Structural Engineering, Structural Elements, Structure Types
Bridges; Skyscrapers; Hard concrete construction; Inflatable structures; Modern technologies; Structural engineering history; General materials (timber, plastic, reinforced concrete, steel, aluminum, glass); Structural & structure details (walls in structural systems and buildings, structural connectors, grids, etc.); Skyscrapers; Structure types – tensile structures, inflatable structures, etc.; Structures over water, near water and in water; Subsoil structures; Structures in mountainous areas; Structural material strength; Suspended structures; Bridges; Domes; Shell structures; Towers.
Architecture & Other Disciplines
Professional aspects of architecture (ethics, professional liability protection, office management, prices); Theory & philosophy; Methodology; Conservation & restoration; Techniques for conserving and restoring historic buildings; Building function revision & conversion; Modular systems; Modular structures; Architecture & psychology – the effect of the structure on human behavior; religion, mysticism; Symbols & architecture; Architecture & society – the effects of architecture on social processes; Architecture, politics & policy making; Education for architecture; Projects by architecture schools; Popular architecture using local materials and simple technologies; Architecture & natural sciences; Architecture & mathematics; Bionics – construction using principles derived from nature; Architecture & the ecological environment; Green architecture; The link between architecture and the human body; Architecture & engineering; Computer-aided architectural design; Architecture & art; Architecture & sculpture; Architecture & the movies; Architecture & literature; Architecture in literature; Architecture & history; Architecture historiography.
The Aesthetics of Architecture
General; Aesthetics of architectural spaces; Aesthetics of building envelopes; Proportions & composition in architecture.
History of Architecture
General; Prehistoric & primitive architecture; Ancient architecture of South & Central America (pre-Colombian & Inca); Architecture of ancient times – oriental & classic; Architecture of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia & the ancient Near East, ancient Greece, ancient Rome & Etruscan architecture, medieval, ancient Christian, Byzantine, Islamic, Ottoman, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque & Rococo; Rococo & the 18th century; The 19th century; Art Nouveau; Oriental influences on 19th century architecture (Orientalism); The Arts & Crafts Movement; Neo-Classicism; The 20th century; The 21st century; Experimental architecture; Futuristic architecture.
Architecture by country.
Architecture by architects A to Z.
Building Types
Government, administration & public buildings; Courthouses; Community centers; Military buildings; Commerce & office buildings; Shops; Offices; Banks; Markets; Arcades; Transportation & traffic buildings; Train stations; Sea ports; Warehouses; Airports; Industrial buildings; Buildings for human welfare & health care; Hospitals; Mental hospitals; Homes for the aged & protected accommodation; Housing for infants & day-care centers; Housing for the disabled; Prisons; Sheltered living & rehabilitation facilities; Restaurants & coffee shops; Swimming pools; Resort & beach buildings; Patio buildings; Culture, entertainment and sports centers (concert halls, theaters, opera houses, cinemas, convention facilities, entertainment facilities and fun fairs, sports facilities, exhibition and trade fair facilities, religious & commemorative buildings, synagogues, churches & cathedrals, monasteries, cemeteries, monuments, memorial sites, multi-functional buildings, atrium buildings); Educational buildings: for infants, elementary schools, high schools, universities and colleges, vocational schools, laboratories and research institutions; Museums; Art centers; Libraries; Planetariums; Studio spaces; Residential buildings – general; Condominiums; Private houses; Roof apartments and gardening; Hotels; Student dormitories; Hostels & accommodation for singles; Rural buildings; Farmhouses; Palaces, Zoological parks;
Jerusalem; Israel; the Kibbutz.

Visual Communication
Comics & caricatures – periodicals, comics artists A to Z; Comics & caricatures – techniques, history of comics in different countries, perspective, optical illusions, typography & printing, typefaces, calligraphy; Print & typography; Print & typography designers A to Z; History of typography; History of modern typography; Typographic design; Specific alphabetical systems (Hebrew, Latin, Cyrillic, etc.); Ornamented letters; Graphic designers A to Z; Aesthetics; Color; Composition; Techniques; Graphic illustrated dictionary; History of graphic design – periods and countries; Photography for advertising; Computer graphics; Advertisements; Packaging; Illustration and color; History of illustration – periods and countries; Book illustration; Children's book illustration – theory, packaging/wrapping (discs, books, magazine covers); Newspapers and advertising; Posters (sociological and political aspects); Calendars; Postcards; Greeting cards; Letterhead/stationery; Logos & symbols; Corporate identity; Diagrams; Signage; Commercial logos.
Industrial Design
Models; Corporate & organizational brochures/manuals; Standards; Mechanical geometry; Machine details (mechanics); Material (wood & metal) profiles; Connectors, fasteners & hardware (metal, wood); Presentation & visualization methods; Philosophy & theory; Methodology; Aesthetics; Education for industrial design; Industrial design and other disciplines; Industrial design – psychological & sociological aspects; Patents & copyrights; Industrial design & color; Environmental aspects and 'Green' design; Engineering/geometrical aspects; Industrial design and business management; Industrial design and art, fantasy & imagination; Industrial designers A to Z; History of industrial design, the 19th century, the 20th century; Futuristic design; Contemporary product design – general; Industrial design by country; Telephones; Radio; Television; Tools; Weapons & military equipment; Street furniture; Lighting & lighting fixtures; Cars; Bicycles; Motorcycles; Home equipment; Kitchen & bathroom; Toilet & bathroom furnishings; Lighters; Design using different materials (glass, steel, wood, plastic); Clocks & watches; Scientific equipment; Spectacles/eyewear; Locks; Recreation/leisure equipment; Stationery; Toys; Playgrounds; Furniture design – general; Office furniture; Home furniture – general, chairs, beds, tables; History of furniture; Furniture manufacturing & upholstering – technologies, materials and engineering; History of technology & technological inventions; Using natural technologies; Energy types (wind, solar, water); Mechanical engineering & technology – general; Electronics; Transistors; Machines; Lighting engineering; Material engineering & manufacturing process marketing; Glass; Adhesives; Metals; Wood; Plastic.
Ergonomics: anthropometrics, bio-mechanics of human movement, ergonomics of the work environment (organizing details in space); The home; Kitchens; Bathrooms & toilets; Sitting positions; physical conditions; Work environment human psychology; Display & control systems; 2D design; 3D design; Geometry & mathematics in nature and in art.
Presentation & visualization methods: general drawing, descriptive geometry, technical draftsmanship, furniture drawing, machine drawing, technical perspective; Natural sciences: physics, electricity, mechanics, acoustics and material strength. Social sciences: technology and man – social and psychological aspects.
Photography in Israel and Israeli photographers ; Philosophy & theory; Painting & photography; Women photographers; Manuals; Techniques (enlarging, exposure, developing, contact printing, etc.); Dictionaries & encyclopedias; Almanacs/yearbooks; Equipment & materials; Cameras & accessories; Chemicals; Old techniques; Special fields in photography; Mixed techniques; Photo-montage; Photograms; Scientific & technological applications; Digital cameras; Digital photography; Computer graphics; Color photography; Photography under special conditions (sunlight, night, under water, etc.); Topics in photography (Ani = Animals, Chi = Children, Cri = Crime, etc.); History of photography – chronological and by country; History of photography – general; Photography in the 19th century; Photography in the 20th century (by year); Photographers .

Ceramic & Glass Design
Ceramic artists; Israeli ceramic artists; History of ceramics in Israel; Theory & philosophy; Ceramics dictionaries & encyclopedias; Various topics in ceramics (dinnerware, teapots, vases, etc.); Technology; Techniques; Materials (clay, silica clay, etc.); Tools & equipment (potters wheel, ovens); Techniques & work processes; Preparing casts; Firing; Glazing; Industrial techniques; Wheel design; Manual pottery; Raku pottery; Ornamentation techniques; Porcelain; Majolica pottery; Delftware; Faience pottery; Enamel; Tiles & bricks; Ceramics in architecture; Ceramic sculpture by topic and country; History of ceramics – general; Prehistory; Ceramics in the 15th–16th centuries; Ceramics during the Renaissance period; Ceramics in the 17th–18th centuries; Ceramics in the 19th century; Ceramics in the 20th century; Ceramics in the 21st century; Ceramics by country.
Glass designers; Glassware manufacturing; Techniques; Processes; Materials; Glass blowing; Tinted glass; Stained glass; Glass ornamentation techniques; Glass history – general; Glass in the 19th century; Glass in the 20th century; Glass in the 21st century; Glass by country.
Jewelry & Fashion Design
Jewelers; Israeli jewelers; Theory & philosophy; Topics in jewelry (rings, headwear, boxes, etc.); Jewelry academies; Techniques, equipment & materials; Casting – sand, wax; Electroplating & forming; Engraving & etching; Tying & gluing; Techniques – textiles, gold, silver, enamel, metals, plastics and irregular materials; Gems; History of jewelry; Prehistory; Jewelry in the middle ages; Jewelry through the centuries; Jewelry by country.
Fashion designers ; Garments & fashion accessories (bags, hats, shoes, etc.); Social aspects of fashion; Fashion & art; Textiles; Fashion drawing; Patterns; Sewing; Fashion photography; Fashion advertising; History of fashion; Ancient & primitive clothing; Ethnic clothing; Medieval clothing; Fashion through the centuries; Fashion by country.
Decorative Art
History of decorative art; Decorative art in the 19th century; Decorative art in the 20th century; Decorative art in the 21st century; Antiques; Patterns & ornaments by country; Folk art by country; Handcraft by country; Paper & paper folding; Plastic & rubber; Stencils; Flower arranging; Textiles & packaging; Tapestries; Wicker work; Needlepoint & embroidery; Beadwork; Fabric dyeing; Carpets & rugs.

Screen-Based Arts
Motion pictures/Cinematography
Israeli movies/films, directors & actors; Philosophy & theory; Movies/cinematography manuals; Topics in the movies (women, violence, theater, madness, homosexuality, etc.); Cinematographic techniques (color, sound, costumes, lighting, etc.); Movie/film types; Experimental movies/films; Documentary movies/films; Political movies/films; Books about specific movies/films; Movie/film genres (comedy, eroticism, Film Noir, etc.); History of movies/films from the 19th century to the 21st  century.
Animators; Techniques; Computer-based animation techniques; Books about specific animated films; History of animation through the 21st century.