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Readers' Guide

•Checking your loaning and ordering status:

After entering the "Sign in" on the library portal, enter your ID number (students from abroad should enter the number written on their student card) and a date of birth of 6 digits.
In "My Account" you can see your loan and order status.
A book can be ordered only if it has already been borrowed by another person.

Ordering books: 

The requested book should be found by searching the library catalog.
Enter the relevant item and click "Locations".
If the book is on loan, click on "Sign in to request".
Type in your ID number and your birth date (a 6-digit number) and click on "Hold".
You can also place an order at the librarian's desk or by phone (02-5893277) by providing a few identifying details about the item.


It is the reader's responsibility to return books on time.  Delay in returning a book causes a fine. Therefore, one should check the return date on the reader's card online. Not receiving a reminder is not an excuse for not returning books on time.
Before paying the fine, please contact the library to check the accurate amount. Payment is made at the machine located on the 7th floor next to the Student's Center on Mount Scopus, and at the entrance level at the Architecture Department. It can also be paid by credit card on the telephone: 02-5893291/314. The receipt must be brought to the library. On Mount Scopus you can also pay the fine in cash at the Student's Center.

Extending your loan: 

Loan extension is not automatic and should be done by the reader.
The loaning period can be extended online by clicking "Sign in" →"My Account" → "Renew All".  After the extension is done, it is necessary to check whether the extension was successful, whether it applied to all books or only for some of them and to click "Sign out".
The loan period can be extended through the library's portal on the Internet, in the library, or by phone at 02-5893277.
For regular books and books with an orange stripe: The loan period includes an extension of up to 46 days from the original loan date. The computer extends the borrowing period of the book but will stop when the count reaches 46 days from the original date of the loan.
Books' loaning period can be extended also in cases when there is a delay in their return, in which case the fine is frozen.
For Masters Degree students: In case the book's return date comes out on a day in which the student has no classes, he or she should call the library in request to change the date of return to the first day possible.

Cases in which no extension is possible: 

The library will not allow extension in the following cases:
- The item is already ordered by another person.
- The maximum loan period has ended.
- Course books of short term loans.
- Items that are not usually for loan, but were exceptionally loaned.
Recommendations regarding extending the loan period:
- Check your account on the library portal to make sure that the extension has been made and to verify the new return date.
- Call the library if extending a loan is not allowed online
- At the librarian's desk - verify the updated return date at the end of the extension process.
- Extending the loan and verifying its success is full responsibility of the reader.

Losing a Book:

In case of loss of a book, the reader must notify the library immediately in order not to accumulate fines for late return. The library will order the reader either to purchase a new book or pay for its lost. The date of purchasing a new book or the amount of payment will be determined by the library.

Returning a Book:

Books will be returned to the library from which they were loaned.
Return box: When the library is closed, books can be returned to the return box (near the library's front door).