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The New Campus

A New Campus in the Heart of Jerusalem

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem is currently undertaking the building of a new campus to be built in the Russian Compound in Jerusalem’s City Center: The Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Campus. Bezalel's new home will bring together 2,500 students and 500 faculty members in the heart of the city. The move from the current Mount Scopus Campus, which is somewhat isolated from the urban fabric of society, will transform Jerusalem and reinvent the city as a national and international center for culture and creativity. Revitalization of the center of the city will occur through significant urban development and commercial expansion triggered by the burgeoning activity on Bezalel's new campus.

The 400,000 square foot, state of the art building designed by SANAA Architects, will house a library, galleries, workshops, classrooms, studios, offices, auditoriums, a cafeteria, and a shop. The new campus will facilitate interdepartmental collaboration among the Academy’s nine departments and allow for active social and cultural involvement in the city’s life.

In addition to the New Campus housing Bezalel’s students and faculty, the building will be accessible to the general public and visitors from abroad through exhibitions and events, which will enrich the cultural fabric of both the city and the country. The location of the new campus sits at the physical crossroads of East and West Jerusalem - where secular, religious, ultra-Orthodox, and Muslim residents meet - creating a powerful opportunity for a rich, unparalleled multi-cultural interaction. This in turn, will strengthen Jerusalem as an international cultural magnet.

Developing Resources for the Capital Campaign

The total construction cost of creating Bezalel's new downtown campus is estimated at $100 million. Equipping and moving into the new facility is estimated at an additional $10 million. Creating a Maintenance Fund to support the ongoing operation of the New Campus is an additional $15 million.

To date, $70 million has been raised and approximately $25 million are expected from the sale of Bezalel’s current building on Mount Scopus.

The Academy is currently exploring various avenus for securing pledges and donations from foundations and private donors in addition to increased funding from the Government of Israel.


Every day we come one step closer to completing the new Bezalel Academy campus in the heart of Jerusalem. In October 2015, the Groundbreaking Ceremony took place and shortly after The Israel Antiquities Authority's began excavations. After finding a pocket of ancient catapult rocks and rock blocks, excavations were completed in June 2016. The current digging for the foundations is slated to finish in October 2017. Immediately afterwards, Bezalel will begin construction on the foundations and successive levels in November 2017. The Academy is currently on target for occupancy in 2021.

Groundbreaking Ceremony, November 21, 2015 (on Bezalel's Youtube Channel