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Rector's Message

August 2017

Dear students,
I would like to wish all of you much luck and a fruitful year at Bezalel, the leading academy in Israel for art, design and architecture.

Since being established in 1906 and until the present, Bezalel has had a role in Israeli society. Its role has been to create and design a cultural image within Israeli society. You are a part of this also during your years of academic study and afterwards as well. Bezalel works to train the architects, artists and designers of tomorrow, this using the best lecturers, artists, creators, designers and architects of the present.

Together with quality and desire for excellence comes responsibility.  Our foremost responsibility to you is to give you the best tools and training to deal with all areas of creativity, plastic arts, photography, graphics, architecture, ceramic design, jewelry, fashion and the remaining areas of arts and design. However, in addition to this, we all have responsibility for others, and to the society we live in.

Bezalel is the largest accelerator within Israeli society for creativity and innovation, and for achieving harmony, referential integrity, preciseness, and quality, based on hard work, perseverance and ethics. All of these require a large amount of attention in influencing reality, the environment and others. Bezalel is not interested in withdrawing into an ivory tower but takes part in Israeli society. Creativity stems from within, and from there it is possible to burst into our vast world.

In addition, it is not possible to be trained to be a creator, artist, designer and architect without the tools of theory, without learning and researching the history, the philosophy, and the society and culture within we work and live. It cannot be done without acquiring the tools and methods of scientific thought and research. The tools and digital reality in which we live need to be understood. These require learning the deep connections between technology to creativity, art and design. During recent years we have emphasized these, and you have reaped the benefits.

Studies in Bezalel are demanding and difficult, as is an academic degree in visual and material culture in addition to the practical training in our areas of focus. Combining these is what Bezalel specializes in. This is the strength of training prominent leaders in culture and creativity in our world.

Dr. Yuval Karniel, Rector, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design