Promoting the Understanding of Shared Heritage is a EU Partnership for Peace programme with the Al Quds University, the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and the Jordan Society for Sustainable Development. This tri-lateral project aims to create a regional debate on issues of cultural and natural heritage, resulting in concrete benefits at the national and regional levels.

Utilizing the UNESCO recommendations for academic networking and dialogue to foster mutual respect for cultural and natural heritage, PUSH works to break down cultural prejudices by building greater understanding of the region's shared heritage as a means to respect and appreciate the region's diverse cultures and advance peace in the region.
Furthermore, by identifying important sites of natural and cultural heritage, PUSH brings international attention to the rich heritage of the region in need of preservation.
The project was funded by the European Union's Partnership for Peace Programme and the Norwegian Foreign Ministry with additional support provided by the Beracha Foundation between the years 2006-2009.