Yearbook and Calendar (HEB)

Student Information Center:
Coordinators: Mrs. Ayelet Elbaz, Mrs. Danah Hirsch.

Opening hours: 08:30-16:00 hours.

Telephones: 02-5893314 / 02-5893291.
Fax: 02-5826573




The academic curriculum system at Bezalel consists of two program categories:
• The school for higher degrees – the master's degree program
• The bachelor's degree program

Master's Degree Programs:

The Master of Industrial Design (M. Des.)
The Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)
The Master of Urban Design (M. Urb. Des.)
The Master of Fine Arts Policy & Theory (M.A.)
Master of Design (M.Des) Program in Visual Communication

Bachelor's Degree Programs:

Fine Arts (B.F.A)
Photography (B.F.A.)
Visual Communications (B.Des)
Industrial Design (B.Des)
Jewelry & Fashion Design (B.F.A.)
Architecture (B.Arch)
Ceramics & Glass Design (B.F.A.)
Screen-Based Arts(B.F.A.)