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Jack D.Weiler

The Air-Conditioned Housing Question

(23.5.2018, 18:30-20:00, Hansen House, 14 Gdalyahu Alon St., Jerusalem , )

Public Event at the Urban Design Program

Arch Yuval Bear

(17.5.2018, 13:30, The Architecture Dept, ! Bezalel St, Jerusalem, )

Guest lecture at the Architecture Dept.

Erez Ella: The Capitalist Architect’s Manual

(03.5.2018, 13:30, Architecture Dept, 1 Bezalel st. Jerusalem, )

Guest of the Architecture Dept.

Aron Lorincz

(26.4.2018, 13:00, Architecture Dep. , ! Bezalel St. Jerusalem, )

Guest of the Architecture Dept.

Danish architect and designer Sigurd Larsen

(12.4.2018, 13:30, Architecture Dept. , 1 Bezalel St. Jerusalem, )

Guest of the Architecture Dept.


(26.3.2018, 13:30, Department of Architecture,1 Bezalel St. Jerusalem, )

Guests of the The Department of Architecture

STUDIO PEZ- Daniel Zarhy + Pedro Peña: 3X3 PROJECTS

(22.3.2018, Bezalel Department of Architecture, 1 Bezalel St. Jerusalem, )

Guests of the Architecture Dept.

The design of Bezalel Academy’s new campus - Lecture by Riccardo Cannatá.

(15.3.2018, 13:30, Architecture Dept, Bezalel st. 1, Jerusalem, )

Open to the public, at the Architecture Dept


(15.3.2018-29.3.2018, Photography Dept Gallery, Mt. Scopus Campus, )

Exhibition : Department of Architecture, in cooperation with the Department of Photography

Guest of the Architecture Dept - Petra Blaisse


The lecture is part of the Bezalel International Lecture Series in memory of Stuart B. Young.

The Architecture Department’s Academic Year’s Opening Event!

(03.11.2016, 18:30, Bezalel Department of Architecture, 1 Bezalel St., Jerusalem, )

Screening of movie under the stars at the Department’s garden, And a talk with The Competition movie director, Architect Ángel Borrego Cubero

The In-Between Space - A series of two sessions discussing Israel's extra urban spaces

(30.3.2016-31.3.2016, See Inside, )

The Masters Program in Urban Design in collaboration with the Department of Architecture

Urban Webs and Enclaves: The UnPhotographable

(09.9.2014, Sale d’Armi at Arsenale Venice)

Bezalel, Architecture Dept, in the biennale of architecture in Venice

Arch Moti Bodek - Biomimicry - Architecture influenced by systems of nature

(12.5.2014-16.4.2014, Potsdam, Germany)

Exhibition of works by Architecture Dept. lecturer

Green Architecture and Living Urbanity

(15.1.2014-31.3.2014, See Below, Bezalel Architecture Library, 1 Bezalel St., corner of Shmuel Hanagid St. Jerusalem, )

The Goethe Institute book display is at the Bezalel Architecture Library

Davidson Norris - LIGHT SPACE

(24.10.2013, 18:30, The Historical Building, 1 Bezalel St., Jerusalem, )

Guest of the Architecture Dept.

Awards and Prizes - December 2012

Awarded to Bezalel Lecturers, Alumni and Students

3rd Year Architecture studio at the Venice Architecture Biennale Sessions 2012

(05.10.2012-08.10.2012, 7 oct, 14:00-18:00, Biennale Venice_Arsenale_Giardini_Bartolini Room F)

Beyond Words: On Autobiographical Lenses, Tutors : Nilly R. Harag and Talia Trainin

Angeliki Zervou (Greece) : Athens: The Perception of the City Through Television Series

(02.1.2012, 18:00, Architecture Dept. Bezalel St., Jerusalem)

Guest Lecturer

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