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Petel Eli

Petel Eli

b. 1974 Jerusalem.

Artist, Graduate of Bezalel Art department (2000), teaches in Bezalel and other art institutions in Israel, since 2002. since 2011 - head of the art department at Bezalel.

His work revolves around questions of representation and relates, through various media (painting, sculpture, photography, sound, projection) to political aspects of the processing and designing of actual events. From the context of the art display , through habits and representations taken from the historical and cultural, his work examines questions of class - social, economic and religious, the status of art in reality, and the preliminary act or react to culture.It draws a picture of a layered world of reflections, interests and contradictions.

Petel presents solo and group exhibitions in major and experimental exhibition spaces in Israel and abroad.
Published two solo catalogs by Tel Aviv Museum (2006,2007) and took part in a variety of publications and studies.