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Department of Ceramics and Glass Design

The Department of Ceramics and Glass Design is one of the first departments at Bezalel, and the first that gained academic accreditation. Little wonder then that the Department has a long tradition of developing processes of creation and practice in the fields of ceramics and glass design, rooted in the vast accumulation of knowledge. Its experienced lecturers, prominent figures in their fields, engage in constant updating of the disciplines, while continually challenging the familiar and encouraging groundbreaking innovativeness.
The Department stands out in the landscape of design departments in Israel, and is one of the largest of its kind in the world, both in scope and in the fields of knowledge it encompasses.
The Department offers an innovative and original approach to the traditions of ceramics and glass, and allows its students to develop an original design approach to conventional perceptions of design. These are supported by its reliance on a material point of departure, and by virtue of the processes that take place in it, which draw on the tradition of craft and gain new, fresh and original spirit.
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Summer Course : Kiln Forming - Miguel Unson

Aug 7-16, 2018 At the Ceramics and Glass Dept.