Industrial Design: Course

Benjamin Swig

3rd year studio

Bruno Ido, Prof., Semester 2, Monday, 14:00-18:00
de Lange Chanan, Prof., Semester 2, Monday, 14:00-18:00
Gur Tal, Semester 2, Monday, 14:00-18:00
Empty Stomach- Full Stomach (BMBR)3rd year, 2nd semester studio - 2018This studio deals simply with questions of hunger and satiation in Design.Interpretation of the meaning of being “hungry” or “full” in design is the focus of this Studio, and discussions regarding this interpretation will form an integral part of the activity. Students will be required to form an opinion and express it through their design work. Studio BMBR’s method of practice includes group discussions around a large table, focused on practical design work made by the studio members.Part of the social and environmental changes we are witnessing in recent years, include a rapid enlargement of the gap between those that “have” and “have not”. This could mean very simply hunger for, food, shelter personal safety or medical treatment, but also other relevant issues such as:• Hunger for unobtainable wealth• Hunger for a sense of belonging• Hunger and thirst for spiritual fulfillment• A sense of emptiness that accompanies addiction to consumerism• And a “consumerist diet” that financially rich people take upon themselves.And many more An essential part of the preparatory design work will include personal observations and interviews conducted with people who have a lot (too much?) or very little (less than enough?).The studio stresses the importance of practical hands-on design, as well as holistic approaches such as service, system and sustainable design.