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OMAN - Heredi Extention

“Oman"  School of Higher Education for the Arts is located within the heart of the Romema neighborhood in Jerusalem and has been functioning as an Arts Center for the Haredi public since 1992. "Oman" was established at the initiative of the Jerusalem Municipality's Division of Arts and Division of Culture in conjunction with the Gross community Center. "Oman" is a workshop generating continuous activity and creativity within the field of the Arts and its goal is to promote, cultivate and encourage the Haredi population that it serves over the years. "Oman" has gained acknowledgement and recognition within the professional community at large because of the very high level of both its teaching staff and its sophisticated technical equipment. "Oman" conducts a wide range of professional multi-disciplinary activities for large numbers of participants and offers study programs leading to the acquisition of a profession in the fields of Art, Photography, Silversmith, and Ceramics. In addition to the above, "Oman" provides a "Mobile Art Unit" which offers a  variety of activities for every segment of the community, starting with very young children, up to and including the elderly, and those with special needs. The combination of professional activities, in conjunction with community activities, is unique both in concept and value and contributes both to the students and to the community .  "Oman" is the only institution in Israel to provide a coherent enlightened response to the needs of the haredi public in the field of the Arts  “Oman” has made a significant breakthrough by opening an extensions of the Bezalel academy, a four year course {bachelors deg} in Art and Architecture. Thus “Oman” giving a response on three major categ0ries: academic degree ,educational degree and community art functions.   Our aim is to establish a vibrant art campus that will have a main role in the cultural and educational agenda for the Haredi  community.

Bachelor Degree Course
New and first in Israel !
"Oman" the haredi visual art center is opening to the public new channel of learning and enables students an academic education in art and architecture with the prestigious of “Bezalel” academy of Art and Design. Participating and  graduating will award the students  a  B.FA in art and B.ARC  in Architecture. The opening of the "Oman - Bezalel” academy for art and design gives access to the haredi public and the women especially to these subjects and empowers them.