Photography: Courses

Course No. Course Name Teacher Name תחום משנה SemesterTimeCredits
4028back to the pastGershuni Urielective1Tue 10:00-13:002.0
4042Milestones in PhotographyLev (Baki)Orafirst year1Wed 10:00-13:004.0
4042Milestones in PhotographyLev (Baki)Orafirst year1Thu 10:00-13:004.0
4044Disciplines and approachesSagorsky Gustavofirst year1Mon 10:00-13:004.0
4044Disciplines and approachesSatt Hadasfirst year1Mon 10:00-13:004.0
4242dark roomZdaka Noafirst year1Tue 10:00-13:004.0
4242dark roomZdaka Noafirst year1Tue 14:00-17:004.0
4306from sole to headKuperman Ruvenelective studio1Thu 10:00-13:002.0
4446Through the surfaceAdika Davidsecond year1Tue 14:00-17:004.0
4618advanced VideoEvron Nirsecond year1Mon 14:00-17:004.0
4618advanced VideoYitzhak Nevetsecond year1Tue 10:00-13:004.0
4700DrawingKuperman Ruvenfirst year1Thu 14:00-17:002.0
4719The Photograph, Spectator and the SpaceEfrati Yaelfirst year1Wed 10:00-13:004.0
4719The Photograph, Spectator and the SpaceMimon Ramifirst year1Mon 10:00-13:004.0
54029Studio aShuker Eitanfirst year1Wed 09:15-13:156.0
54066Advanced Photography studioShuker Eitanelective1Mon 14:30-18:302.0
54158photography studio aFlit Sashafirst year1Thu 09:15-13:156.0
54227One on one: Meeting timeShemtov Igaelelective1Tue 10:00-13:002.0
54635Truth (and other lies), 24 times a secondEvron Nirelective1Mon 10:00-13:002.0
84457Video actBalaban Sharonelective1Mon 10:00-13:002.0
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