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Schiff Agur

Schiff Agur

Agur Schiff

A senior lecturer at the Screen Based Art Dep.where he teaches creative writing and the development of cinematic concepts.

Agur was born in Tel Aviv in 1955 and grew up in Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan.
He studied at St. Martin's School of Art in London (1978 – 1981) where he specialized in animation, (BFA hons. 1981) and continued his training in graphic arts at the Rijksakademie in Amsrerdam (1983 – 1985).
Agur won critical acclaim as a filmmaker (with short animation films and one live action feature film) before turning to writing.
His award winning debut collection of short stories Dying Animals and Bad Weather (1995) was followed by a second collection entitled Stories for Short Trips (1999) and three novels: Bad Habits (2004), What You Wished For (2007) and In the Sand (2010).
His forth novel The Latecomers (in Hebrew – Hame'acharim) is due to be published in November 2013.

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