Screen-Based Arts: Faculty Person

Gur-Arieh Eyal

Gur-Arieh Eyal

Academic Education
2010 - MA studies - "The Middle Eastern - the modern era", Tel Aviv University expected Graduation in feb 2012
2009 BA, Humanities, The Open University
2000 - Engineer of Film and Television, Hadassah College, Jerusalem.
2004 - Courses in Sound design, sound department at Sapir College.

Academic Employment - Lecturer Employment

2011 - Present – Head of the sound Department in the Ariel College
2007 - Present – Sound recording & Sound design courses, Department of Film and Television in the center in the Design and Technology Center.
2007 - Present – Sound design – the School of Communication, Ariel University Center of Samaria .
2008-2009 -Video editing - Beit Berl College.
2008-2009 - Sound and Sound deign,Hi – Tech College
2007 - Present – Video and Sound, interactive media department, Hadassah-College.
2007 - Present – Sound Design, interactive media department, Hadassah-College.
2007-2000 – Multi camera studio, Film and Television department, Hadassah College.
2005-2003 - Multi camera studio, Film and Television department’ Maale’ Jerusalem.

Other Relevant Activities
2000 - Present – Sound Design Editor – feature films and documentary, excellent control with the Protools TDM & LE systems.
2000 - Present - Video editor offline, online. Documentaries, feature films, promotional videos and clips. Excellent control with all Avid systems.
2008-2006 - Technical Director of Film and Television department at Hadassah College, responsible for the sound department, the television studio editing suites. Served as a consultant to the college in all fields of video and sound. Design, construction and wiring of the multi-cam studio of the college.

Papers and Abstracts
Seminar paper : "construction of Oriental Masculine identity in Nissim Mossek documentary Films", Open University, Course Name: East and West in Israeli Cinema.

Seminar paper: "Is there a linkage between adherence to "historical" Jesus and Christological Jesus according to historical sources, terms and phrases", Open University, Course Name: "early Christianity"

Sound-design portfolio
Citizen Nawi (2007 Israel), Nissim Mossek

The Electric Stage: A Rock 'n Roll Legend (2008), Nissim Mossek

waves of freedom (TV 2008), Alan Rosenthal

rise of the right, (TV 2009), Ilan Mizrahi

The making of Sof Ha'Olam Smola (2004 Israel), Ayelet Yusfun