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The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation (IL)

Across the entire range of diversified creative activities taking place at the Visual Communication Department of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, from book design through website design and graphic illustration to advertising campaigns or packaging for a television channel, it is always the same wonder, the same magic known as visual communication that stands at the basis of the creative process.
Visual communication is the process of conveying messages, ideas, feelings and information through form. It is the language that uses matter, color, motion, sound, text, character and image.
The challenge facing us, as creative artists in the various fields of visual communication, is the necessity to operate both conventionally and unconventionally at the same time. In order to communicate, we operate within the common denominator, within the conventions of the language. At the same time, in order to innovate, in order to be original and surprising, we are compelled to break out of the envelope, to kick and topple the walls of the ploughed furrows, to blaze a trail outside of convention.

The curricular programs at the Visual Communication Department begin with two years of mandatory studying of the fundamentals of design and visual communication.
During the third and fourth years, the curricular program is flexible and personalized. Every student chooses whether to specialize in a particular field or address several fields in a broader and more diversified manner.
The students can focus on one of the five specialized programs offered by the Department: graphic and typographic design; interactive design; illustration; design for advertising or design in moving media (Broadcast).
Alternately, the students can combine two or more programs together.
Combining different fields of knowledge, either through the format and contents of the actual courses or by choosing courses from different fields encourages multidisciplinary creativity, provides a broad introduction to the world of visual communication, develops versatility and mainly the ability to wander, in the future, between the various fields.

During their term of study at the Department, students experience traditional techniques along with cutting-edge technology. The connection between the hand that draws, that actually touches matter, and the futuristic-technological interface, is one of the most essential principles of the Department.

The curricular program at the Department encourages creativity that transcends boundaries, that explores and experiments, without compromising professionalism, as well as the highest standards of proficiency and the ability to work vis-à-vis the client.

Additionally, we aspire to educate our students to develop a critical and ethical way of thinking and to constantly strive for excellence and innovation.
All of these processes take place in an active and dynamic environment through intensive, animated discussions, numerous departmental events, lectures, exhibitions, guest workshops and extensive international activity.

The Visual Communication Department aspires to provide its graduates with a future learning ability under changing circumstances, and train them to be active designers, leaders and entrepreneurs who would change the visual space of Israel.


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