Visual Communication: Course

Caesarea Foundation, Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild

Image Making

Saggee Guy, Semester 2, Thursday, 14:00-18:00
The image and the creation of images is at the centre of visual communications. In this course we will deal with the transformation of images into a body of knowledge and data. We will see how to operate images in a broader context - in the design environment.The course is intended for designers, illustrators, Broadcast and interactive creators. It refers to the students as a multitasking authors - those who set up the imagery world that sits in the heart of the project, those producing graphics systems around it, and those who creates it’s content and delivering it into the different formats and medias. We’ll review these processes as individuals who know how to operate all of these sub-creators inside of them, as well as in small groups.During the course we will examine projects and formulate their depth profile. we will distill these inputs into a visual idea - the iconic foundation that functions as a center of representation and consciousness for the project, and with it we’ll build the visual language.At the same time we’ll examine how language and the development of personal visual ideas can become a leading elements in a broader media systems.