Appointments with the student deanship team may be scheduled via E-Mail.

Dean of Students Staff:

Student Dean:
Mrs. Shelly Hershko
Tel: 02-5893279

Student Support Center Coordinator:
Mrs. Liora Tess
Tel: 02-5893220

Social Involvement & Student Advancement Coordinator:
Mrs. Tamar Levi-Arman
Tel: 02-5893289

In Charge of Financial Support & Academic Excellence Prizes:
Mrs. Ilana Deborin-Cohen
Tel: 02-5893269

Coordinator of Academic Accessibility for the Arab Sector:
Mrs. Rula Huri

Mrs. Ayelet Naeh
Mrs. Rivka Weiss

Appointments with the members of the team may be scheduled by E-Mail and telephone.

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Dean of Students Office

The Dean's office is charged with the task of providing assistance to students on the personal level, the academic level, the financial level and the social-cultural level, while maintaining close coordination and communication with the Academy's academic and administrative departments.

Some of the functions of the Dean  are:

To coordinate the processing of all student complaints. (see below)
• To provide personal assistance and support.
• To provide financial assistance through scholarships, loans, scholarships from external foundations, etc.
• To initiate, develop and implement projects and courses incorporating social involvement.
• To develop and conduct academic programs providing accessibility to various population segments and sectors.
• To maintain an academic assistance and support layout for students of the Academy with learning disabilities and special needs.
• To initiate, develop and be responsible for summer courses and workshops.
• To maintain and operate a system of psychological services. (see below)
• To maintain on-going contact between the Student Association and the student population on the one hand, and the Academy management on the other .
• To handle all aspects of student welfare.
• To serve as an ombudsman for student complaints. (see below)
• To handle the Academy's system of academic excellence prizes.

The Dean's office Support, Training & Social Involvement Center

The Bezalel Academy, in cooperation with the National Insurance Institute, has launched in 2012 the Center for Support, Training and Social Involvement.

The Center incorporates all of the fields of activity of the Dean's office and serves as a knowledge, research and development center in such fields as social involvement, learning disabilities in a creative environment and other fields.
The Center was established in order to provide solutions to the students' academic, personal and psychological needs.

The Center offers academic support for practical and theoretical studies, in addition to psychological, personal and group support provided in a technological, facilitating environment. Additionally, the Center will offer, over the course of the year, workshops and seminars on the core subjects with which it deals. 

Coordination & Processing of Student Complaints

Students may contact the office on any matter where the student requires help or assistance – personal matters and matters pertaining to studies at the Academy. Students may also contact the office in situations where the student feels that his or her rights were violated. All student complaints and personal problems will be processed with maximum discretion.

Student Counseling Services

Psychologists: Mrs. Ayelet Naeh, Mrs. Rivka Weiss
The psychologists will be on hand at the Dean's office to offer students counseling, guidance and immediate assistance, free of charge. The psychologists will offer assistance on matters pertaining to academic performance, along with guidance or referrals to additional help, as required.
Appointments should be scheduled through the website.