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Support Center For Students With Learning Disorders & Special Needs

Support for Students with Learning Disabilities & Special Needs

Students Coaching Students
Bezalel provides solutions and support to students with special needs: students with learning disabilities, new immigrants, etc. In addition, the Dean's office operates the Bezalel Support Center, which assists students diagnosed as suffering from learning disabilities (dyslexia, dyscalculia and ADHD = Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). In addition to individual assistance in accordance with the specific needs of each student, the Center provides assistance in the following areas:

1. "Learning Disabilities and Creativity": a full-year course offering a supportive environment for students with learning disabilities. The course responds to the students' requests and needs and helps them cope with problems regarding other subjects they study at Bezalel.

2. Personal coaching (Perach LeSheM): students requiring personal assistance should contact the Social Involvement & Student Advancement Coordinator, Mrs. Tamar Levi-Arman, by telephone 02-5893289 or by E-Mail: during the summer vacation.

3. Assistance in English – study groups adapted to students with learning disabilities where lessons are conducted in English.

4. Examination adjustments – such adjustments are based upon the recommendations of the diagnosis and the specific requirements of the academic curriculum at Bezalel. Students submitting the diagnosis will automatically be entitled to extended time for written examinations and their spelling errors will be ignored (for the curriculum of the History and Theory department). Students who require any other adjustments should submit their requests to the Student Deanship 30 days prior to the examination dates and submission deadlines.

5. Summer preparatory course – the preparatory course will take place during the month of August.
For details, contact the Social Involvement & Student
Advancement Coordinator, Mrs. Tamar Levi-Arman, by telephone 02-5893289 or by E-Mail:

6. The Support Center will provide individual assistance and counseling to students with learning disabilities throughout the academic year.

7. Workshops providing studying skills and various other skills.

8. Practice groups: small study groups that offer support for the mandatory courses of the History & Theory Department. The activity of these groups includes a review of the course study materials, guided reading of the texts, preparation for examinations and guidance for the writing of essays and written assignments.
Students wishing to obtain assistance from the Support Center and take part in the courses providing support for students with learning disabilities are requested to submit a copy of their most current diagnosis (as diagnosed within the last five years) to the Student Deanship during the summer vacation.

Personal Coaching for Students with Learning Disabilities, New Immigrants & Students with Special Needs
The personal coaching activity provides a supportive environment for students requiring assistance in various fields of study. In the context of the personal coaching project, assistance in various academic fields is provided to students  up to 4 hours per week. The actual assistance is provided by students from higher classes in the following fields: history and theory studies, computer programming studies, English studies as well as requests according to the special needs of each student. Students interested in receiving this assistance are required to fill out an application form, available from the Dean's office, and to submit the application by the first day of the academic year.

Over the course of the year, the Center will offer various workshops intended for students diagnosed as suffering from learning disabilities as well as to students interested in improving their learning skills.
The following are a few examples of the workshops that will be offered by the Center:
- Empowerment for speaking to an audience and conveying messages workshop.
- Learning strategies workshop.
- Coping with examination-related anxiety, stressful situations and criticism workshop.
- Time organizing and management workshop (for students with learning disabilities).
- Coping with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) workshop.
- Workshop on knowing and understanding personal and academic difficulties and converting them to a source of strength in the field of art and in life generally.
- Preparation for employment & business entrepreneurship workshops.
Details about all workshops are available from the Deanship Center.

Support & Assistance for Arabic-Speaking Students
The Center offers Arabic-speaking students support and assistance services intended to facilitate their integration on the personal, academic and social levels. The Deanship Center also offers dedicated courses and a coaching system for Arabic-speaking students. The Coordinator of Academic Accessibility for the Arab Sector: Mrs. Rula Huri, provides assistance in all matters necessitating communication/mediation between the student and the various offices within the Academy.
Contact Mrs. Huri by E-Mail: or during office hours: Mondays, 13:00-17:00 hours.

Assistance to New Immigrants
The assistance channels offered to new immigrant students are:
1. Students who are new immigrants and students who are temporary residents (and/or on a student's visa) may receive assistance from the Student Administration in the form of payment for their tuition fees, subsistence scholarships and dormitory accommodations. For details, contact the Student Administration office directly at 6 Hillel Street, Jerusalem, phone 02-6214555 (or through the representative of the immigration department abroad).
2. Over the course of the academic year, Mrs. Gali Huminer will be available to the students for assistance and advice on the issue of the Hebrew language. Office hours and contact details will be announced through the website at the beginning of the academic year. During the summer vacation, a summer preparatory course in Hebrew will be conducted at the Bezalel Academy – for a fee, and subject to the registration of a minimum number of participants.
3. For individual assistance according to the student's specific needs, contact by E-Mail: