History & Theory: Courses

Course No. Course Name Teacher Name תחום משנה SemesterTimeCredits
1700667Visual Cultures of ScienceBen-Zaken Avner, Prof.pro seminar1Sun 14:30-16:004.0
1700667Visual Cultures of ScienceBen-Zaken Avner, Prof.pro seminar2Sun 14:30-16:004.0
2700558Urbanism: Designing Cities in Cinema and the MediaBar-Nir Sigaladvanced elective1Sun 14:30-18:002.0
2700640Understanding AnimationLandesman Ohad, Dr.second year1Sun 16:30-18:001.0
2289Tutoring for DyslecticsHershko-Sher Shellyelective intro.1Sun 14:30-16:002.0
2289Tutoring for DyslecticsHershko-Sher Shellyelective intro.2Sun 14:30-16:002.0
120Trends in 20th Century ArchitectureRapaport Raquel, Dr.first+second year dept.2Sun 12:30-14:001.0
2600827Topics in Digital CultureMikulinsky Romi, Dr.advanced elective2Sun 14:30-16:001.0
1700661to be publishedLivnat Aviv, Dr.advanced elective1Sun 16:30-18:001.0
1700663to be publishedGinsburg Ruth, Dr.advanced elective2Sun 16:30-18:001.0
2700667to be publishedBenyamini Itzhak, Dr.seminar2Sun 12:30-16:004.0
2700675to be publishedRapaport Raquel, Dr.advanced elective2Sun 10:30-12:001.0
2800135to be publishedMenda-Levy Oded, Dr.advanced elective1Sun 14:30-16:001.0
2800136to be publishedZohar Ayelet, Dr.advanced elective2Sun 12:30-14:001.0
9401241to be publishedWeitz Yona, Dr.pro seminar1Sun 14:30-16:004.0
9401241to be publishedWeitz Yona, Dr.pro seminar2Sun 14:30-16:004.0
2800132Thinking ArtPimental Dror, Dr.first+second year dept.2Sun 12:30-14:001.0
2700684Theories of Photography in the Digital AgeDeuelle Luski Aim, Dr.advanced elective2Sun 14:30-16:001.0
2600811Theoretical Approaches to the Wearing of ClothesTaragan Yaelfirst+second year dept.1Sun 16:30-18:001.0
9401225The Visual Seduction: Japanese AdvertisingBartal Ory, Dr.pro seminar1Sun 10:30-12:004.0
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