History & Theory: Courses

Course No. Course Name Teacher Name תחום משנה SemesterTimeCredits
102Introduction to the History of ArtAmir Roni, Dr.first+second year1Sun 12:30-14:002.0
102Introduction to the History of ArtMeiri-Dan Neomi, Dr.first+second year1Sun 12:30-14:002.0
102Introduction to the History of ArtTal Guy, Dr.first+second year1Sun 12:30-14:002.0
110Modern ArtAronov Igor, Dr.first+second year1Sun 10:30-12:002.0
110Modern ArtKamien-Kazhdan Adina, Dr.first+second year1Sun 10:30-12:002.0
110Modern ArtSteinberg Ronit, Dr.first+second year1Sun 10:30-12:002.0
771The body as a symbiotic field - seminarMarzel Shoshana Rose, Dr.pro seminar1Sun 14:30-16:004.0
1628Kafka - Architecture as ParableMichalowicz Jerzyadvanced elective1Sun 16:30-18:001.0
1023771History of Architecture AMeiri-Dan Neomi, Dr.first+second year dept.1Sun 16:30-18:001.0
1501002Creative WritingMenda-Levy Oded, Dr.advanced elective1Sun 14:30-16:002.0
1700504Copyright and Designs LawPrice Eyaladvanced elective1Wed 17:30-19:001.0
1700607Art in ContextNelson Nirithadvanced elective1Fri 10:30-12:001.0
1700637City & Urban Experience in the Art of the 29th CenturyMichalowicz Jerzyadvanced elective1Sun 14:30-16:001.0
1700641Image and Spectatorship at the Beginning of the 21st CenturyZehavi Ohad, Dr.advanced elective1Sun 14:30-16:001.0
1700651Illustrated Classics for ChildrenGranot Ornaadvanced elective1Sun 10:30-12:001.0
1700652A Clue in ArtNelson Nirithadvanced elective1Wed 17:30-19:001.0
1700661Jazz: to Hear to Paint to ThinkLivnat Aviv, Dr.advanced elective1Sun 16:30-18:001.0
1700665All about shoes and then some on the feetBar-tal Eliyaadvanced elective1Sun 10:30-12:001.0
1700667Visual Cultures of ScienceBen-Zaken Pro. Avner, Prof.pro seminar1Sun 14:30-16:004.0
1700674Between Brotherhood and Hatred: Jews and Arabs Relationship in Arab Cinema.Sagui Bizawe Eyaladvanced elective1Sun 10:30-12:001.0
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