Visual and Material Culture: Course

150 Years of Groundbreaking [design] Exhibitions

Gaon-Heimann Galit, Semester 1, Sunday, 14:30-16:00
One of the fascinating tools that enable the examination and analysis of present-day history is museum or extra-museum curitoral. Through the review of major exhibitions, themes, and architectural moves in the field of design, the course will examine the past one hundred and fifty years, by analyzing the unique relationships between creators, designers, curators and the general public. The ways in which exhibitions changed the creative thinking of the creative community and the opportunities for curators, galleries and museums to protect, support, expose, introduce and accelerate design. We will examine the ways in which the exhibitions are designed in space, analyze the development of the graphic language, discuss the experience of the visit and the way in which the community received it, and find out what and whether it influenced the work of designers and museums today.