Visual and Material Culture: Course

Architecture for Non-Architects

Rotbard Sharon, Arch., Semester L, Sunday, 10:00-16:00
"Architecture for Non-Architects" is an invitation for non-architects to look at, think of and maybe even make architecture.?The course addresses 3rd year students from all Bezalel's departments who are interested in issues related to environment, place, space or construction.?During the course, the students will acquire theoretical and practical tools that would enable them to observe and discuss architecture, they shall also experience the making of a place.????There?? is no need of any previous experience or knowledge in architecture.??Weekly sessions would be divided to three parts:?- an introductory course providing some theoretical, historical and conceptual tools. We will read few short canonical texts by architectural authors, as well as other. Relevant texts written by non-architects.?- a general course providing practical tools, professional data and rules of thumbs: architectural representation conventions, their uses and reading, professional terminologies, as well as rules of thumb and shortcuts that would help us out in the process.?- a practical placemaking workshop during which we would design and build a place.?Duties and assignments?- Attendance and active participation?- Proficiency exam?- Active participation in the workshop?- updating the course's blog?