Visual and Material Culture: Course

Introducation to Fashion of the 20th Century

Kraizberg Michal, Dr., Semester 2, Sunday, 12:30-14:00
The course will discuss fashion as a conceptual and literal jargon to the 20th century. As a concept, we will examine the mpact of fashion as a mode of life and its ability to be affected by its own extensive cultural fields. We willstart by foloowing the evolution of the garment from the late 19th century to the point where clothing becomes wfashionw statement that corresponds with progress of technology.We will examine the influences of progress in context of patterns, techniques developments, colors combinations and fashionable innovations that characterized the wearing in modern and post-modern era. The discussion will take place simultaneously to paarallel analysis of artistic practices. such as music; literature, architectureal and interior design that corresponds with fashion in its roll in the 20th centurey as integral part realtions of subject and society.