Visual and Material Culture: Course

In theory: the final project

Kashi Mosh, Semester 1
Kashi Mosh, Semester 2
The Accompanying Statement course is an annual course taken simultaneously to the final project. It is based on the provision of theoretical tools and the development of a language appropriate to discussion and critique which are suitable to each final project. This process will build and develop the idea of the project during the intermediate presentations until a final statement is prepared, one which meets the demands of the Department of Visual and Material Culture. The course will be based on the research process, tools and methods taught in the students’ second and third years, including: research methods, keeping a research diary throughout the year, and at the end of the year an accompanying statement which will serve a summary.The course will be divided in terms of time and stages to allow steady advancement adapted to the structure of the fourth-year program of studies.The course program will allow dynamic discussion space and contact space between students, as well as support in organizing and preparing the various presentations during the year and until the final display of the projects in the end of the year show.The program has been edited and adapted to distance learning.