History & Theory: Course

Artistic Act in Urban Space

Bar-Nir Sigal, Semester L, Wednesday, 09:30-15:00
Yasor Pany, Semester L, Wednesday, 09:30-15:00
We will be wandering the city, getting to know its summer events, meeting with artists who are active in the urban space and learning about Urban Art in various cities around the world. Out of these activities we shall create, our own Site Specific Art Interventions, using diverse practices such as: Urban Tours, Spatial Games, Performance Art and Installations.These activities will take place in different sites in the city center of Jerusalem, as an attempt to challenge the common borders between the creator, the artistic act, the resident and the passerby, as well as examine related concepts: The Right to the city, Civil act, Social design, Urban Art and more.The meetings will take place in the city center of Jerusalem in the beginning of September 2016 ad will last 2 weeks, 5 days a week 4 hours each day. Students in exchange program are invited to join us.* homage to the environmental conceptual work by Joshua Neustein, in collaboration with Georgette Batlle and Gerard Marx, Jerusalem 1970