Visual and Material Culture: Faculty Person

Bar-tal Eliya

Bar-tal Eliya

Dr. Eliya Bartal now teaches at the Department of History and Theory at the Academy of Art and Design - Bezalel and at the Department of Jewish Art, at Bar-Ilan University.
Her courses deal with Israeli art, modern and post-modern art, and philosophy of art. Her doctoral thesis - "The influence of Nietzschean philosophy on the expressionist poetry of Uri Zvi Grinberg" - is a multi-disciplinary work, and reflects areas of research that combines several disciplines: philosophy, literature and art.
Academic education includes a BA in Art History and History at the University of Haifa in Israel; Graduate studies in art history at Tel Aviv University and a Masters with honors in Israeli literature at Bar-Ilan University; PhD with honors at Bar Ilan University.

Areas of scientific expertise of Dr. Bartal are as follows:

Israeli Art
The expression of, and the various streams that emerged, in the last hundred years.
Special focus on the dialogue between Land of Israel art sources from international influence, in an attempt to explore and understand the dynamics that exist between the center and the province.

Modern Art
All the various streams of modern art include architecture.

Postmodern Art
Special focus on architecture and Israeli art created in this style.

Interdisciplinary Research - Art and Literature
Connections between art and literature; modernism and post-modernism; with emphasis on Israeli literature and art.

Interdisciplinary Research - Philosophy
Nietzsche and his influence on modern and post-modern art.

In the last fifteen years, Dr. Bartal has participated in academic conferences both locally and internationally, and has published articles dealing with Israeli art.

1. "Pretty Woman put on her Shoe: The Psychoanalysis Echo in the Films: 'Pretty Woman' and "Runaway Bride'" in: Thoughts about Shoes, Resling and Bezalel, Tel Aviv, 2014. (In Hebrew)
2. “Asam Abu Shakra” (Hebrew), in The Book of the Tel Aviv Museum Collection (Tel Aviv, 2002).
3. “Yair Garbuz” (Hebrew), in The Book of the Tel Aviv Museum Collection (Tel Aviv, 2002).
4. “ Leah Nikel” (Hebrew), in The Book of the Tel Aviv Museum Collection (Tel Aviv, 2002).
5. “The Personal is Political, But the Political is Also Personal” (Hebrew), in Avner Bar-Hama [catalogue] (Tel Aviv: The Association of Painters and Sculptors of Israel, 2000).
6. “‘All the World Is a Stage’ – Aesthetics and Its Relationship to Pluralistic Experience: Prevention of Violence by Means of Consciousness of Aesthetics” (Hebrew), Masekhet Mishpahah 1 (May 2000): 37–42.
7. “The Concept of Homeland and the Homeland as a Concept – Zionism versus Judaism in Paintings of Israeli Landscape” (Hebrew), Kesher Omanuti 1 (April 2000): 4–7.