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Persov Elad

Persov Elad

Elad Persov - Master of Design Management

Coordinator of the Design Management Program at the MDes Program, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem Israel.
PhD student at the Porter School for Environmental Studies, The Tel Aviv University. Graduate of the Design Management Program, Pratt Institute, New York, USA.

Upon earning his BFA in Ceramic Design from Bezalel, Elad moved to New York where he worked as designer at three ceramic design firms. While in New York, Elad participated in 10 ceramic design exhibitions, and later enrolled to the Design Management Program at Pratt Institute, New York.

Upon his graduation, Elad returned to Israel, to work in an interdisciplinary strategic consultancy as a marketing and design consultant. He was a team member and manager of varied project, from business consulting to SME's and entrepreneurs, to municipal master plans, and special projects for the Israeli Government.

In 2005 Elad took part in the creation of the Design Management Program at Bezalel. The reputation of the program grows fast as its graduates take on leadership positions in the Israeli industry.

As PhD student at the Tel Aviv University, Elad is researching the environmental characteristics of design manager's role in NPD processes. He is looking for new paths that will lead to improvement of the social and environmental qualities of design.

Another important part of Elad's activity is the community garden that he created together with his neighbors in the Rasko neighborhood in Jerusalem.