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Graduate Studies

In accordance with the decision of the Board of Higher Education,
the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design is authorized to confer academic degrees as follows:

M.Des  Master's Degree in Industrial Design

Will be granted to graduates of the two year study program in industrial design.

M.F.A.  Master of Fine Arts

Will be granted to graduates of the two year study program in art and photography.

Urban Design Master's Degree 

A master's degree in urban design (M. Urb.Des.) will be granted to holders of a bachelors' degree in Architecture or Landscape Architecture (B.Arch or B.L.A. or equivalent) who complete the two year study programme in urban design.

Master in Policy & Theory of the Arts
Will be granted to graduates of the two year study program.

The curriculum for the academic year 2012 is published in this bulletin and through the Bezalel website. The curriculum presents the timetable and specifies the mandatory and elective courses in the context of the program. The curriculum obliges the student to participate in all of the courses of the program to which he/she had been accepted, and the student cannot change it in any way, except within the confines of the choices provided.

Prerequisites for a Master's Degree
A master's degree will be awarded to students meeting the following prerequisites:
• The student has been accepted to a master's degree program.
• The student has fulfilled all of the preliminary requirements or completed all of the complementary studies required.
• The student has acquired credit points as prescribed by the curriculum.
• The student has fulfilled his/her academic obligations as prescribed by the various curricula.
• The student has paid in full the tuition fees and all other mandatory charges for his/her term of studies.
• The student has returned all of the equipment and books he/she had borrowed and settled all of his/her debts with the accounting department.