M.F.A.: Faculty Person

Nelson Nirith

Nelson Nirith

Nirith Nelson is an independent curator and lecturer. She curates exhibitions in the fields of contemporary art and design both in Israel and abroad. Since 2002 she is the Art director of the JCVA residency program, where international artists and curators are invited for an uninterrupted spate of creative work. The residency promotes cross-cultural dialogue by providing interested residents with recommendations and connections to personally-tailored opportunities.

At the debut of her career, she has worked 9 years at the Israel Museum where she curated and lectured. After which she served, for 13 years, as the art advisor for the Jerusalem Foundation and in that frame has initiated two not-for-profit contemporary art galleries; initiated and art directed a multi-disciplinary festival "Moonlight Cinema" for seven years; curated outdoor sculpture installations in Jerusalem's urban space; initiated and accompanied various art projects such as Mamuta at the Daniela Pasal center for Media Arts; and curated a photography-art collection which became a key collection for art-photography by Israeli artists.

Since 2000, she lectures at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design focusing on curatorial issues and challenging her students to explore art from various directions.