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M.F.A.: Visiting Lecturers and Special Events

Academic Year 2017–18

Guests (alphabetical order):
Adi Keisar (IL), poet, Arspoetica group, Tel Aviv – ‘Salame and Around’ series
Rona Yefman (IL/USA), artist, New York/Tel Aviv – colloquium (‘cursed’ series)
Gideon Ofrat (IL), art historian, Tel Aviv –  colloquium (‘cursed’ series)
Chelsea Haines (USA), curator - talk, curating a show at the MFA gallery: Erkan Özgen: Wonderland and Origin
Anat Even (IL), Cinematographer, Tel Aviv – ‘Salame and Around’ series
Sergio Edelsztein (IL), curator, CCA Tel Aviv – colloquium (‘cursed’ series)
Dimitris Alithinos (GR), artist, Athens – talk
Adi Ness (IL), artist, Tel Aviv –  colloquium (‘cursed’ series)
Udi Aloni (USA/IL), artist, filmmaker, New York/Tel Aviv – screening (‘Local Angel’) & talk 
Tomer Heiman (IL), cinematogrpaher, Tel Aviv –  colloquium (‘cursed’ series)
Talia Margalit (IL), architect and Urban Planner, Tel Aviv – ‘Salame and Around’ series
Chris Martin, Artist, New York – studio visits
Daniel Meir, (IL), sound designer, Tel Aviv - workshop
Branden Wattenberg (USA), Editor, Aperture, New York – studio visits
Reuven Kupferman (IL) artist, Tel Aviv - workshop
Yael Bartana (D/IL, artist, Berlin/Tel Aviv – talk ‘Salame and Around’ series, Q & A, studio visits
Deville Cohen (USA) artist, New York– studio visits
Rona Sela (IL), curator, History of Visual Art researcher, Tel Aviv - ‘Salame and Around’ series
Dr. Bracha Attinger (IL), artist, Tel Aviv –  colloquium (‘cursed’ series)
Michal Sahar (IL) graphic designer Lecturer, Tel Aviv, - talk
Ibtisam Mara’ana (IL), director, cinematographer  - ‘Salame and Around’ series
Martin Piaček (SL) artist (Erasmus) Workshop & talk
Regine Basha (USA), artist, curator, Pioneer Works art residency director, New York – studio visits, talk
Anat Katzir (IL) designer, Tel Aviv – talk ‘Salame and Around’ series
Els Verbakel (IL), architect, Tel aviv-Jaffa, talk ‘Salame and Around’ series
Derek Fordjour (USA), artist, New York – talk, studio visits
Roee Rosen (IL), artist, Tel Aviv – talk ‘Salame and Around’ series
Neta Shoshani, (IL) artist and cinematographer, Tel Aviv – talk ‘Salame and Around’ series
Gal Weinstein (IL) artist, Tel Aviv – talk ‘Salame and Around’ series
Elisabeth van Odijk   (NL), director, Rijksakademie, Amsterdam  – talk, Q & A
Anissa Touati (FR), curator, Paris – studio visits
Dr. Ganit Ankori (IL/USA), art historian and curator, Jerusalem/Boston – Graduate show artists talk assessments

Exhibitions and events (often connected to the guest program) at the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Gallery (in chronological order):
– “Anthem.” group exhibition curated by Dr. Dor Guez, Chair, MFA program
– Erkan Özgen: “Wonderland and Origin,” solo show curated by Chelsea Haines and Dor Guez
– “There Will be Nothing,” group show curated by Ithak Livneh and Dor Guez
– ‘White Cube’  group shows as part of a theory/studio seminar led by Hadas Maor and Dor Guez;
 White Cube #1
 16 Point Five
 Mai Nafka Minnah 
 – The 2018 MFA final exhibition (among other venues) – curated by Gil Marco Shani and Dor Guez [upcoming 24.5.18]
– HAZIT: a window gallery of the MFA program - A tribute to Benjamin Mecz; Joanna Jones, Sivan Lavie; Eti Levi; Shelly Reich; Lior Shahar & Eran Nave, Gil-li Cohen

Special projects (in chronological order):
– Art magazine reading club, organized by Keren Goldberg; open to MFA student the general public
– “The Maimeri/Fila Painting Exhibition” at the gallery of the Estate of Moshe Kupferman at the Kibbutz Ghetto Fighters 
– Sound workshop event with Daniel Meir – 7 Levontin
– Painting workshop with Reuven Kupferman
–“Institute of Investigative Living,” A-Z West, Joshua Tree, CA (US) 
– East of Elsewhere, residency program, Berlin
–  Pioneer works, residency program, New York
– Acdemie Youth Art Biennial, Bolzano