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Course No. Course Name Teacher Name תחום משנה SemesterTimeCredits
6300110Final project-design managmentPersov Eladfinal project1Fri 09:00-11:006.0
6300167Out of the Words- Personal WritingZemer Ben-Ari Hadaselective1Thu 16:00-17:302.0
6300168Ars Technology: The medium and the messageFrenkel Alroy Tal, Dr.second year1Thu 14:00-15:302.0
6300173Crafted TechnologyYoudelevich Saritresearch and writing1Thu 14:00-15:302.0
6300189Connectivity LabHefetz Josefdesign lab1Thu 09:30-12:304.0
6300189Connectivity LabYoudelevich Saritdesign lab1Thu 09:30-12:304.0
6300191Design Languagede Lange Chanan, Prof.design lab1Thu 09:30-12:304.0
6300191Design LanguageShamia opher Natidesign lab1Thu 09:30-12:304.0
6300195Future Design LabEliav Eyaldesign lab1Thu 09:30-12:304.0
6300195Future Design LabFried Eyaldesign lab1Thu 09:30-12:304.0
6300196LAB Service DesignAuslander Sarahdesign lab1Thu 09:30-12:304.0
6300196LAB Service DesignHoshia Amirdesign lab1Thu 09:30-12:304.0
6300210User ResearchPersov EladConceptual workshops1Fri 11:00-14:004.0
6300210User ResearchWeitz Yona, Dr.Conceptual workshops1Fri 11:00-14:004.0
6300216Strategy LabEitan Michaldesign lab1Thu 09:30-12:304.0
6300220IdeationBigger Roeesecond year1Thu 14:00-15:302.0
6300224Technology Product Design researchFarkache NinaConceptual workshops1Fri 11:00-14:004.0
6300224Technology Product Design researchZarchi Lifshitz MoranConceptual workshops1Fri 11:00-14:004.0
6300107Entrepreneurship in Sustainable DesignBigger Roeedesign lab2Thu 09:30-12:304.0
6300107Entrepreneurship in Sustainable DesignEitan Michaldesign lab2Thu 09:30-12:304.0
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