Policy & Theory of the Arts: Courses

Course No. Course Name Teacher Name תחום משנה SemesterTimeCredits
2000039Final ProjectGlasner Arik, Dr.1Wed 14:00-15:306.0
2000039Final ProjectGlasner Arik, Dr.2Wed 16:00-17:306.0
2000048Palestinian art and postcolonial theoryBen Zvi Tal, Dr.2Thu 14:00-15:302.0
2700613Art CriticKaduri Yael, Dr.1Wed 10:00-11:302.0
9301649Curatorial PracticesNelson Nirith1Wed 12:00-13:302.0
24000047On Criticism and HermeneuticsSalah Asher, Prof.2Wed 18:00-19:302.0
24000049Studio VisitsBrand Roy, Dr.1Sun 15:00-18:002.0
24000050We are not Everyone: Aesthetic Expression at the Edges of Israeli SocietyFriedman Lyat, Dr.2Wed 18:00-19:302.0
24000050We are not Everyone: Aesthetic Expression at the Edges of Israeli SocietyRozin Yael2Wed 18:00-19:302.0
24000057From Art History to Visual Culture – MethodologiesMeiri-Dan Neomi, Dr.2Wed 14:00-15:302.0
2000026Culture and Identity in the Global EraSalah Asher, Prof.elective1Thu 14:00-15:302.0
2000033Thesis workshopFriedman Lyat, Dr.final project1Thu 12:00-13:30.0
2000033Thesis workshopFriedman Lyat, Dr.final project2
2000001Concepts of CriticismPimental Dror, Dr.required1Wed 10:00-11:302.0
2000002Concepts of CriticismPimental Dror, Dr.required2Wed 18:00-19:302.0
2000007Topics in MuseologyMeiri Shmuel, Dr.required1Thu 10:00-11:302.0
2000012A Writer’s Workshop in Culture CriticismCoussin Ornarequired1Thu 12:00-13:302.0
2000029A writer’s workshop of creative non-fictionCoussin Ornarequired1Thu 10:00-11:302.0
2000036Colloquim (everyother week)Brand Roy, Dr.required1Wed 14:00-15:30.0
2000036Colloquim (everyother week)Brand Roy, Dr.required2Wed 16:00-17:30.0
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