Policy & Theory of the Arts: Course

Culture and Identity in the Global Era

Salah Asher, Prof., Semester 1, Thursday, 14:00-15:30
Globalization, post-modernity, digital revolution, these are some of the topics that have entered in the contemporary discourse in fields such as philosophy, architecture, economy, anthropology. In this course we shall try to bring different interpretations and explanations to these concepts and to confront the question of the status of identity in a multi-cultural world, through case studies in different cultural and historical contexts. We shall show the theoretical importance of the philosophical discourse about definitions of the time and the space in which we live and about the influence of the new socio-economic situation of consumerism. The course deals as well with the reciprocal interaction between global and local trends in contemporary market. Leading visiting lectures will be invited to address specific issues of practice and theory in Israel