Policy & Theory of the Arts: Course

A writer’s workshop of creative non-fiction

Coussin Orna, Semester 1, Thursday, 12:00-13:30
In this workshop students will be trained at writing culture criticism in the broadest sense. Training is modeled as a process of evolving in writing through three main genres of creative non-fiction: from the basic straightforward Manifesto, through the polemic Editorial, and finally up to the multilayered and poetic Personal Essay.Students will read great works in all three genres with a special emphasis on the Personal Essay – by writers as diverse as Virginia Woolf, Karl Marks, Barbara Ehrenreich and Naomi Klein - to name but a few.In the beginning each student will choose a personal, cultural and political topic to explore and write about throughout the workshop, first in the form of a manifesto, then as an editorial article and finally in the form of a personal essay. Exploring one topic in all three forms throughout the semester makes for a profound writing experience.