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Brinker Menachem Natan, Prof.

Brinker Menachem Natan, Prof.

Prof. Menachem Brinker is a professor emeritus of Hebrew literature and general philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Professor Emeritus of Modern Hebrew Studies at the University of Chicago, winner of the Israel Prize in Hebrew and general literature.

Professor Brinker graduated BA and MA at the Hebrew University with a BA in philosophy and Hebrew literature and a master's degree in philosophy, which he graduated with honors in 1960. In 1966-1965 he studied at the University of Edinburgh and Oxford. In his doctoral studies at Tel Aviv University he wrote a doctoral thesis on "Imagination and Art in the contemplation of Jean-Paul Sartre." In 1983-1968 he worked as a lecturer at Tel Aviv University in 1983 he moved to Hebrew University after being promoted to associate professor there. In 1988 he was appointed full professor. In 2000, he retired as professor emeritus of the Hebrew University. During sabbaticals he was a visiting professor at the universities of Harvard, Columbia and Chicago.
Some of his work related to defining the uniqueness of literature or art in comparison to other texts. Another part of his research relates to the question when literature has a social-general impact.

Books and Publications he wrote:
• Beyond Fictitious: the creation of meaning and fictional representation, (Tel Aviv): Kibbutz Meuchad, Porter Institute for Poetics and Semiotics, Tel Aviv University (1980).
• Aesthetics as a critical theory: Issues and stations in its history, Tel Aviv: Ministry of Defense - Publishing, 1982.
• Is the theory of literature is possible? : Essays on the border of philosophy and literary theory, New York: Library workers, 1989.
• Up to the Tiberius Alley: Article on the story and thought in Brenner’s work, Tel Aviv: Am Oved, 1990.
• Jean-Paul Sartre: Freedom methods: literature, philosophy and politics in Sartre’s work, Tel Aviv: Ministry of Defence - Publications, 1992.
• Rotating Literature: Essays on the border of philosophy and theory of literature and art, Jerusalem: Magnes Press, Ats.
• Israeli thoughts, Jerusalem: Carmel Regulations, 2007.

Prof. Menachem Brinker wrote about 250 articles and studies, published files and journals worldwide in Hebrew, English, French, German, Spanish and Russian.

Prof. Menachem Brinker has served since 2011 as Masters Bezalel policy and theory.