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Master of Design (M.Des) Program in Visual Communication

The present era is often defined by the constant acceleration of cultural and technological changes. The new technologies and the social transformations they entail lead to the expansion and increasing significance of the visual space, and consequently, of the range of opportunities opening up to visual communication professionals. At the same time, the public and economic power of the creativity and innovation that designers bring to every context is gaining growing recognition.
Bezalel’s two-year graduate program in visual communication (M.Des) is a one-of-a-kind program in Israel that acts as a trailblazing hub for developing new projects in the discipline. It admits candidates who have demonstrated excellence in the various areas of visual communication, in the course of their studies and/or professional activities, and invites them to hone their existing skills and gain new professional skills to prepare them as leaders of in-depth processes and agents of change in the visual, cultural, and technological spaces of the 21st century.
The synthesis of theory and practice, one of the key aspects of the program, encourages learners to develop a profoundly critical stance with relation to their arena, expand its boundaries and lead for change. In this spirit, the program values thoroughness, initiative and daring.
The core of the program is a practice-based research project developed by the students for two years, together with experts from the areas of visual communication, theory and technology.
The program also includes collaborations, guest workshops and meetings with leading designers and scholars from Israel and worldwide.

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