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Faculty and Course List


Arnon, Asher, Prof.
Burstein, Yael
Benezra, Avital
Bartal, Ory, Dr
Handel, Ariel, Dr
Zehavi, Ohad, Dr
Cohen, Yulie
Lavi, Liat, Dr
Meiri-Dan, Neomi, Dr
Mikulinsky, Romi
Succary, Ori
Salomon, Merav, Prof.
Amit, Roy, Dr
Katsir, Anat, Prof.
Saggee, Guy
Stern, Adi, Prof.

Courses (2019/2020):

Guest workshop – A one-week intensive course
Roy Amit - Cognitive Science and NeuroScience for Visual Communication
Yael Burstein - Lorem Ipsum (Manifesto)
Neomi Meiri-Dan - Methodologies of Research
Asher Arnon - Hyper-Studio 1: Integrative Introduction to Visual Communication
Ohad Zehaviת, Avital Benezra -  Code in the Service of Dynamic Design
Anat Katsir - The Students’ Revolt: Visual Communication as Civil Action
Ariel Handel , Yulie Cohen - Personal Documentation
Ory Bartal - Contemporary Design
Asher  Arnon - Group supervision: Graduation project
Liat Lavi  - Theory and Visual Communication
Romi Mikulinsky - Digital Subcultures// Utopia and Distopia - Past and Present
Ori Succary,  Merav Salomon - Visual Poetics- The Book as a Cabinet of Curiosities
Liat Lavi - Group/personal supervision: Graduation project research and program
Neomi Meiri-Dan - Writing Workshop
Liat Lavi - The language of  graphic design: inter-textual iconography or standing on the shoulders of giants
Adi Stern , Guy Saggee - Social Dreaming
Liat Lavi - Graduation project - Supervision and submission.