M.Urb.Des: Courses

Course No. Course Name Teacher Name תחום משנה SemesterTimeCredits
730772047Colloquium - Urban CulturesRosenberg Elissa, Prof.1Wed 17:30-19:00.0
730772047Colloquium - Urban CulturesRosenberg Elissa, Prof.2Wed 17:30-19:00.0
730772047Colloquium - Urban CulturesRubin Noa, Dr.1Wed 17:30-19:00.0
730772047Colloquium - Urban CulturesRubin Noa, Dr.2Wed 17:30-19:00.0
730772031Design thinking: urban planning in the twentieth centuryRubin Noa, Dr.theoretical1Wed 10:00-13:302.0
730771056Final ProjectAbdelqader Senan, Prof. Arch.‎Urban Design2Wed 14:00-20:306.0
730771056Final ProjectBerger Tamar, Dr.Urban Design2Wed 14:00-20:306.0
730771056Final ProjectEfrat Zvi, Prof. Arch.‎Urban Design2Wed 14:00-20:306.0
730771056Final ProjectRosenberg Elissa, Prof.Urban Design2Wed 14:00-20:306.0
730771056Final ProjectRubin Noa, Dr.Urban Design2Wed 14:00-20:306.0
730771056Final Projectsmits-possek danielahUrban Design2Wed 14:00-20:306.0
730771056Final ProjectVerbakel Els, Dr. Arch.‎Urban Design2Wed 14:00-20:306.0
730772021Intellectual History of the Modern CityKlein Yossi, Dr. Arch.‎theoretical1Fri 09:00-10:302.0
7100Introduction to Architecture AKlein Yossi, Dr. Arch.‎LSun 09:00-15:006.0
730772038Issues of Israeli SpaceBerger Tamar, Dr.Urban Design1Fri 09:00-10:302.0
730772114Looking at JerusalemRubin Noa, Dr.theoretical2Fri 09:00-12:304.0
73454580Political Theory and the CityHandel Ariel, Dr.2Wed 10:00-13:304.0
730772050Studio 01Berger Tamar, Dr.1Wed 14:00-20:306.0
730772050Studio 01Rubin Noa, Dr.1Wed 14:00-20:306.0
730772050Studio 01smits-possek danielah1Wed 14:00-20:306.0
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