أسطوجغرافيّات / מיתוגרפיות / Mythographies

(19.3-21.6.2013, See gallery blog for opening hours. Link inside..., Bezalel, Yaffo 23/ Jerusalem, )

أسطوجغرافيّات / מיתוגרפיות / Mythographies
19.3.13 - 21.6.13

Exhibition and Symposium

Opening: Tuesday, 19.3, 19:00
Symposium: Wednesday, 20.3, 10:00-18:00

“Mythogeographies” is a neologism that connects myth and geography to denote those special cases where a mythic dimension is embedded within a particular geographical location. “Mythographies” looks at the ways history and fantasy intersect and examines the connections between landscape, collective memory, people, and nation.

Mythographies is composed of an exhibition and a symposium that examine how sites, both real and fictional, speak to people’s deepest emotions and the role they play in the construction of a spiritual capital.

Symposium Schedual and speakers
Conference speakers:
Yonatan Vinitsky (Artist, Haifa)
Dr. Guy Shtibel (Institute for Archeology, Hebrew University; co-head of new excavation in Masada)
Vered Lee (Journalist, Ha'aretz)
Avinadav Begin (Activist, Writer, Jerusalem)
Roy Brand (Director and Chief Curator, Bezalel, Yaffo 23)
Menachem Brinker (Prof. of Philosophy and Hebrew Literature, Hebrew University and Bezalel Academy)
Karen Russo (Artist, London)
Jeremy Millar (Curator, Artist, Writer, Tutor in art criticism at Royal College of Art, London)
Doreet LeVitte- Harten (Curator, Berlin)

The exhibition includes eleven international and local artists who explore the lines that connect physical realities, imagination and texts.The symposium will extend the discussion beyond the realm of art into a unique intersection between the studies of literature, folklore, geography, psychology, and political science.

Karen Russo, Jeremy Millar, Ester Schneider, Ariel Reichman, Ingo Vetter, Gustavo Sagorski, Francis Alÿs, Ohad Maromi, Jonathan Ofek, David Schocken, Avner Ben-Gal

More information and Invitation

Bezalel, Yaffo 23/ Jerusalem, center for contemporary art and culture
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