Seder night in Jerusalem

(14.4.2014, 19:30, Ginot Ha'Ir Community Council on Emek Refaim 12, Jerusalem.)

Dean of students Bezalel and the Department of Ceramic & Glass Design at Bezalel together with “Orchim L”Shabbat & Yotzim nechnasim l’lev,invite you to a…
Seder night in Jerusalem

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The atmosphere at our Pesach Seder will combine home & community, tradition & renewal.
Where? In the Ginot Ha'Ir Community Council on Emek Refaim 12, Jerusalem.
For who? For Everyone. The Seder will be suitable for secular and religious participants – the atmosphere will be relaxed and open.
The food will be Kosher for Pessach and will be prepared by Macabis catering - lead by Chef Eli Mozart
The Seder will be led by MK Dr. Ruth Calderon
If you would like to participate please fill in your information on the following link:
It is vital that we know how many people are interested in joining our Seder so that we can prepare accordingly.
Participation is free.
We will be starting at 19:30 – please bring Hagadot with you
Orchin L’Shabbat is a social-communal project which coordinates Shabbat meals with families and the elderly or those who have left their ultra-Orthodox communities
Yotzim Nechnasim l’lev is a project which helps those who have left their ultra-orthodox societies integrate into Israeli society.