Arch Moti Bodek - Biomimicry - Architecture influenced by systems of nature

(12.5-16.4.2014, Potsdam, Germany)

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 Biomimicry - Architecture influenced by systems of nature
Exhibition of Buildings & Projects
by Architect Moti Bodek
freiLand, Potsdam Germany.
12-16 May 2014

Biomimicry (Imitation of Life) is a contemporary developing discipline, which seeks to find an effective and sustainable solutions to the design and technological challenges of today by learning and imitation of the principles, the forms and the ecological processes in nature.                    
Design inspired by nature systems promotes and deepens the dialogue between science, technology and design and is an important tool in dealing with complex tasks that characterize modern life.                                            
Architecture requires a constant debate about the relationship between art and material, and about the interdependence between the architectural idea, material properties and its production process, the method of use, and its integration into the fabric of built form.                            
The architecture develops today into complex collaborative effort while even the most seemingly simple structure mixes different disciplines and requires the collaboration of many experts, each of which contributes to a variety of skills - conceptual, design, technical and implementation. The progress of computerized design tools and a depth examination of existing natural and sustainable systems allow us to design and build innovative shapes and volumes with a complex geometry, which require crystallization of new techniques and materials to assist in the establishment and assembling such structures at the construction sites. We can assume that eventually Nanotechnology and the development of Molecular structures enable the design and production of composite materials that best serve such non-regular projects.                                                      

Architect Moti Bodek is a senior lecturer in the Department of Architecture at Bezalel, Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem, and the owner of Bodek Architects Company based in Tel Aviv. Bodek engaged since 1990 in the design and construction of buildings and projects based on high skills in techniques of manufacturing and construction.                                                 
These structures demonstrate innovation and engineering courage inspired by natural systems with reference to constructive systems, functional and formal parameters, and to methods of original and inexpensive construction.