Dr. Jonathan Rokem : Urban Geopolitics in Different Contested Cities London - Stockholm - Jerusalem

(24.12-23.12.2015, 18:00, )

24.12.15, 18:00 main auditorium, the department of architecture

Dr. Jonathan Rokem (j.rokem@ucl.ac.uk)
Marie Curie Research Fellow, The Bartlett School of Architecture
University College London

The starting point of this paper is that rather than limiting the 'extreme divided’ city label to a selected number of contested places, there is an increasing need to broaden the category itself in order to deepen the understanding of contested urban geopolitics across the spectrum. The research suggests there is a need to re-think labels and concepts attributed to cities and neighborhoods, to better adapt planning policy and practice to ethnic minorities and migrants in an ever more fractured urban geopolitical reality. Following a critical assessment of 'contested urbanism' the paper focuses on three cities with diverse forms of urban geopolitics comparing contrasting and relational settings in London, Stockholm and Jerusalem.

 23.12.2015 , 16:00 at Hensen House, 14 Gdaliyahu Alon St.' Jerusalem
Arch. Karen Lee Bar-Sinai, co-founder of SAYA - Design for Change and lecturer at the Masters program of Urban Design

24.12.2015, 18:00 at The Bezalel historic building, 1 Bezalel st. Jerusalem
Arch. Liat Brix