International symposium : ArTecha – Art meets Technic

(13.4.2016, 16:00 - 20:00, Hensen, 14 Gdalyahu Alon st. Jerusalem, )

Will be held on Apr 13, 2016, 16:00 - 20:00

At   Hensen, 14 Gdalyahu Alon st. Jerusalem

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The intersection of art and technology has been constantly transformed since the birth of the Greek notion of techné. With the introduction of digital, nano-, bio- technologies (to name a few), the relations between art and technology seem to go through a major revolution. Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design’s Master Program in Policy and Theory of the Arts and the Master Program in the Fine Arts (MFA) will hold an international symposium on Art and Technology - ArTecha. In this symposium we will examine the intersection of these two areas, their historical background and future developments.

12 min. installation
Vivian Ostrovsky, filmmaker/artist, U.S.A.
Ruti Gadish, editor, Israel
Vivian Ostrovsky and her collaborator Ruti Gadish researched the representation of dizziness in feature and documentary films as well as on internet. These resulted in the beginning of a moving image archive on the on-dizziness.org project blog.
A certain number of these images were then re-projected onto different supports or objects – sometimes moving, sometimes still – and will be shown in the form of a hopefully disorienting installation at Hansen House, Jerusalem.