Methodology : Stéphane Kervyn

(הרצאת אורח, 30.12.2010, 18:00, Architecture Dept., Bezalel Historic Building, 1 Bezalel St., Jerusalem, )





The lecture proposes to present 4 projects ranging in scale (S, M, L, XL). The projects are either built, under construction or are competition proposals.
Despite the difference in scale, nature, program, stakes, etc., the lecture will attempt to identify the transversal approach the office has. It will also demonstrate how we break down complexity to singular elements that can be tackled with greater ease. In this sense, one can speak of “Methodology”, a system of methods and procedures used.

K2A is an architecture office that was set up in Brussels in 2002 by Stéphane Kervyn and Federico Alegria. The projects result from a close dialogue and participation between the clients and those involved in their elaboration, from the city council to the construction worker.
The office specializes in architecture, interior design, urban planning and strategic programming. K2A works on various types of buildings in Belgium and other neighbouring countries.