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Jewllery and Fashion 2012 : Graduate Works
Naama Haneman, Sibling Life
, 2012, Graduated 2012, Jewelry and Fashion


.Materials: limestone, silver, magnets, stainless steel.
Technique: chiseling in stone, inlaid, setting.
 Measurements: 5X5 cm – 2X1 cm


The jewelry pieces featured in the project seek to simulate with the acts of wearing and disassembling them different types of sibling relationships, both as a distinct unit within the family and among themselves. On the tactile level, the jewels are all made of the same materials – limestone and silver, yet they disassemble, connect, contain and strengthen each other in diverse forms, dosages and techniques. The one common language emerges once more from the complete image of the series, in light of the similarities in weight, touch, scale and the common color palette.

Naama Haneman
Graduated 2012
Sibling Life