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Ceramics and Glass 2017 : Graduate Works
Hanna Goldhaber, Simulacra
, 2017, Graduated 2017, Ceramics and Glass Design
Simulacra is a philosophical term to describe a cultural phenomenon where the original object or subject is duplicated or copied while suffering a transformation. This copy of the original stands for itself, is whole, there is no needed to know the original to understand it, both are interweave but independent from each other.
 This occurs as well in our memory, when we experience a certain event, a traumatic one for example, in a certain point this come to an end and we continue our paths with the “copy” of it in our memories, over time our memory changes and evolves, the original event in not relevant anymore, is what we remember of it what takes place in our minds.
Following this line of thought I took elements that represent evil and womanhood to me, copied them in different materials like clay, plaster, glass, paper, etc., deformed them and assembled them together with the intention of creating highly esthetic yet grotesque looking pieces. 
Hanna Goldhaber
Graduated 2017