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Photography 2017 : Graduate Works
Talya Crudo, They’re not for you, they’re for your mother
, 2017, Graduated 2017, Photography

I had no way of avoiding her, the separation, which always came at the end. Even when she was completely behind me, I continued to feel the crushing embrace of the pain itself. Among the many words that refused to be spoken aloud, between the desire for truth, the truth to lie, and the lie of life itself, I tried to catch my breath.

The works revolve around intense feelings of anxiety, heartbreak, disappointment, and perhaps even a bit of hope, that over the years have been accumulating in my body, both physically and emotionally. This year I learned so much about them, I grew up, I became a more aware, complete woman.

And then he came, in a small rent Kia Picanto,
this time it must be different…

Talya Crudo
Graduated 2017
They’re not for you, they’re for your mother