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Bezalel 2018: Selected Works from the Graduates Exhibition
Andriy Malakhovskyy, Objects, like people, migrate
, 2018, Graduated 2019, Photography
years ago to study photography at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. This turn completely changed my life, and after 2 years my wife and daughter joined me. We brought with us a lot of objects from Ukraine. And now I introduce all of them on the wall.
Objects that migrants carry can be large or small, common or uncommon, mass- produced or intensely personal. They can tell of families lost and families found. They can speak of a heritage and an identity. They can be a link to the past as well as a bridge to the future. Some migrants flee conflict. Other migrants seek opportunity. All carry something with them.
Objects help us to create a history of our experiences and they contribute to a psychological history of meaning, of communication - as you have all just participated in - as well as actions, memory and of course emotions. They are not static, they can change over time, and be used in different ways and for different means.


Andriy Malakhovskyy
Graduated 2019
Objects, like people, migrate