Short Animated Film
Rotem Yarakchi, Final Project | Anna O
, 2014, Graduated 2014, Screen-Based Arts, 2D Animation - Mixed Media
My graduation film from Bezalel Academy of art & design was awarded the Best Animation Film - Jury in the Indian Cine Film Festival 2014 and also won 1st place at International Motion Festival, Cyprus - IMF 2015. 'Anna O' is a short film depicting the internal world of a young phobic woman named Anna. Her first phobia surfaces in the image of one realistic drop of water falling off the ceiling which then rapidly turns into pouring rain that culminates in a serious flood that alienates herself from her daughter in their own home. Anna does not seem to differentiate between real rain and that which exists in the world of realism that her unsound mind has created for her while she becomes completely controlled and manipulated by her own imagination. Original Music By Ziv Ravits Sound Effects By Dror Shalit Compositing | Post Production By Udi Kaslasi

Anna O - Trailer from Rotem Yarakchi on Vimeo.