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Noga Greenberg
Noga Greenberg (Photography > Graduate > 2013)
noga greenberg. photography teacher & freelance.
liat waldman
liat waldman (Jewelry and Fashion > Graduate > 2001)
Pine cone- pendant This little beauty is made with sterling silver chain and is 18" long.
adi yerushalmy
adi yerushalmy (Visual Communication > Graduate > 2010)
a designer and an illustrator.
Yael Costi
Yael Costi (Ceramics and Glass Design > Graduate > 2011)
Student in the department of Ceramic and Glass design.
Katrina Shehrbinin (Fine Arts > Graduate > 2010)
Elena Gomon
Elena Gomon (M.F.A. > Graduate > 2011)
Lena Gomon
sharon vazana
sharon vazana (Visual Communication > Graduate > 2011)
sharon vazana. visual communication department.
roe shani
roe shani (Visual Communication > Graduate > 2010)
i'm ro-e. I'm afraid of losing my hair.
Or Bar-el
Or Bar-el (Screen-Based Arts)
use all the part םf the buffalo
Boaz Levental
Boaz Levental (Fine Arts > Graduate > 2010)
i am a painter just finished my 3rd year. first i see the world with a glasses of a painer. i want to paint full time. this is my goal. mood is something wich i am trying to use for expiriments.
amit tishler
amit tishler (Animation > Graduate > 2008)
Classic Animator/ Concept Artist/ Baby hunter.
nitzan ron (Visual Communication > Graduate > 2010)
jenny lumelsky
jenny lumelsky (Visual Communication > Graduate > 2011)
visual communication
gali gurevich
gali gurevich (Photography > Graduate > 2013)
born in St. Petersburg, Russia, 1983. lives and works in Israel
Maytal Amir
Maytal Amir (Visual Communication > Graduate > 2012)
Maytal Amir
Eli Magaziner
Eli Magaziner (Visual Communication > Lecturer)
Hi! I am Eli Magaziner, a graphic artist living and working in Tel Aviv. In 2015 I graduated in the Visual Communications Department at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem.
yaniv torem
yaniv torem (Visual Communication M.DES > Graduate > 2019)
Yaniv Torem, 25
Eran Politi
Eran Politi (Visual Communication)
Eran Politi Born of bat-yam, 1987. Department of Visual Communication Design. I have a strong attraction to illustrating and drawing comics, and I also love photography and sketching.
Guy Guili (Visual Communication > Graduate > 2015)
w s
Amichay Ben Moshe
Amichay Ben Moshe (Screen-Based Arts)
Name: Amihay Ben - Moshe Category: Student of Animation Dep. About me: Paintings were always part of me. Which I found myself, not only the expression but also in life.
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